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Warranty Information Overview

Warranty Information

As a Loftech Homes’ homeowner, you will receive a one-year "fit and finish" warranty covering certain elements of your home.  Each home is covered by a limited structural warranty for up to 10 years, generally covering the foundation, framing components and all structural hardware.  

Your new home warranty program begins on date of closing and ends on your one year anniversary. We utilize the National Association of Home Builders Residential Construction Performance Guidelines anytime it is necessary for one of our customer service representatives to inspect or perform maintenance/repairs on your home. 

Scheduling Services & Repairs

It is suggested to limit warranty submissions to three (3) times within your first year (with the exception of emergencies). Suggested submission times are 60 days after closing, 4-months after closing, and 11-months after closing. All warranty submissions must be made in writing and emailed to “” and all appointments and repairs are scheduled between 8am and 5pm, Monday through Friday.

Most emergencies include electrical, plumbing or heating related issues and are normally handled directly by the appropriate contractor or utility company. Refer to the sticker affixed under your kitchen sink for the names and service telephone numbers of these important people. 

Please follow-up with Loftech to ensure your file is updated with service performed on your home in emergency situations.