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Loftech Homes has a strong history of success in quality homebuilding and customer satisfaction.

By working with best-in-class partners, we help create vibrant and sophisticated living spaces. We always ask, ‘What can we improve?’ In this way, we continually evolve and offer enduring value to our clients, investor partners, and our community.

We live our values

It’s not hard to make decisions when you know what your values are. Our values guide every conversation we have and every decision we make. We say what we mean, we don’t make promises we can’t keep, and we take responsibility for everything we do. It’s that simple. Sharing our values and dedication as a homebuilder is both our mission and our passion. Every individual at Loftech has been hand-picked and is among the most talented, motivated, creative, experienced, and conscientious people in the industry — and we all have a stake in what we do and how we do it.


Our History. Our Mission.

“Dream up homes that people only wished they could have,
and make them reality”

That is our core mission, it is the only thing we do, and we love doing it. After 12 years of developing everything from townhomes to multi-million dollar residences to large scale commercial projects, we felt that the most rewarding thing we do is developing homes that our buyers had previously only imagined or saw in magazines. In 2014 we spun off the residential portion of our parent company (Oxberry Group) into its own entity, and allowed it to blossom to its full potential based on a culture of its own. This entity is known as Loftech Homes, and it has surpassed even our expectations. 


Quality and Warranty

“Would I want my friends or family to invest their life
savings into this house?”

Not only is the answer an emphatic “yes!”, but we would not want them to even think about buying anything else.  When you consider that the major things that could go wrong in the life of a house are the foundation, the structural framing, the stucco façade, rain penetration, and underground plumbing, we would not want them taking a chance on just any home. We invest heavily in the construction processes and quality assurance to make sure major issues do not occur down the line. On top of this effort, and the nearly 30 inspections by the City of Houston, we bring in independent third-party inspection companies to inspect our work. For further peace of mind for homeowners, we include with every home we build, a comprehensive, industry-leading warranty from ACES. ACES is independent and neutral, having provided the best customer service in the industry to Texas home buyers since 1994 while maintaining a gold star rating by the Better Business Bureau. Here is an overview of the included coverage:

  • 10-year coverage on the foundation and all major structural systems

  • 2-year coverage on all major mechanical systems, including plumbing, electrical, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning

  • 1-year limited coverage on all general workmanship and the manufacturer's warranties on the included appliances

Memberships and Associations


Our support and membership with builders, associates and affiliates of the building industry offers us access to many resources to better serve our homeowners while helping obtain our mission and objectives.