Design Trends For Your New Loftech Home

There are so many advantages to buying a new home versus a used one, but none better than having the ability to decorate your way, from your kitchen to your bathrooms to your beautiful backyard. Of all the spaces in your home, these are among the most special — which means your choices should always come first.

After you’ve found the perfect new home in Houston, you’re free to use your unique touch and turn these rooms into the cozy and stylish spaces where you feel your best. Take a look at a few of our favorite home design trends of 2019 and get inspired to decorate your oasis from top to bottom however you like.

Heat Up Your Kitchen

Dark Candles: Nothing sets the mood quite like a candle, so this fall, go with “moody”-toned candles in your kitchen to really get into the seasonal spirit. Rich colors like velvet and dark green (and even black!) add a modern fall glow to any space, especially when paired with other festive decor. 

Mixed Metal Accents: Gone are the days of having to stick to one type of accent for your hardware and fixtures — now, it’s all about “mixing it up” for a vibrant, contemporary look. From warm metals like gold, brass, and nickel to cool metals like silver and chrome, the winning combination is entirely up to you.

Curated Feel: Your brand new Loftech home allows you to showcase your personal style, especially in your kitchen. With the popularity of open shelving, curated pieces in your home are now more in than ever. Display your all-time favorites pieces, from crocks to vases, and watch your kitchen sparkle. 

Bold Backsplash: You probably know all about the clean-white craze in kitchens, but this fall, we think it’s your time to be bold. A lively kitchen backsplash infuses pops of life and personality into your space, and shows off your ability to experiment with different patterns and colors. 

Splash Some Style Into Your Bathroom

Vanity Love: Of course, a great vanity is a staple in your master bathroom, but did you know that top designers are now placing them directly in front of windows? Along with having beautiful lighting while you get ready for the day, you also have more than one gorgeous view to look at… 

A New Kind of Tile: In kitchens and bathrooms, the use of trendy tiles are nothing new. But long, skinny tiles are now making their way into the spotlight and we couldn’t love them more. This trend is both classic and completely unique at the same time, and brings a fresh look to your personalized bathroom. 

Get Artsy: If you’re a fan of beautiful art, from paintings to sculptures to photographs, you probably have at least one piece hanging in your home. But artwork is not only limited to bedrooms and living areas… Today, art in bathrooms sets the “tone and mood of a space” and immediately draws your eye to its beauty. 

Mirror On the Wall: Last but not least, your bathroom’s mirror — AKA the focal point of the entire room. Plain, classic mirrors always do the job, but don’t be afraid to let a bit of your wild side out. A “statement mirror” can do wonders for the space and truly reflect your personality and style. 

Don’t Forget About Outer Beauty

Cotton & Muted Colors: Adorning your front door with fall-themed decor is nothing new, but this season, it’s all about light, serene colors. Whether you’re a sucker for a good wreath, pumpkins on your step, or trendy lanterns and candle holders, opt for more subtle hues like cotton to create an ethereal front-door vibe. 

Get Campy: Small, compact, and easy to use, fire pits come in all designs and shapes, and add a nostalgic spark to your outdoor space. Set up a food station from a two- or three-tiered shelf, where you can rest supplies for everyone to enjoy: think chocolate, marshmallows, graham crackers, and sticks. #happycampers

Pumpkin Cart: Bar carts may be all the rage inside your home (is it time to break out the delicious reds yet?) but pumpkin carts are making their way to the outside. This porch-front bar cart is given a new look when it’s filled with an autumnal crate and green oak leaves between beautiful white pumpkins.

Secret Garden Tip: Fall is all about beautiful scenery and coziness, so why not rest your warm drinks on something stylish? A compact garden accent table adds a hint of chicness without overwhelming the space. Whatever color or design floats your boat, your drinks are sure to look cool while keeping you warm.

This fall, you’re the hit designer of the moment — and your home is your personal canvas to showcase everything you love. From your kitchen to your bathrooms to your backyard, it’s time to beautify your favorite parts of your home. From all of us at Loftech Homes, happy designing!