Tips for Hosting a Football Party in Your Loftech Home

In Houston, we don’t just know how to throw a football, we know how to throw a party. Now that the Texans have begun to battle for the AFC South, it’s time for you to watch the game in your new Houston home in true style. (Pro tip: play “Thunderstruck” as loud as humanly possible as your guests walk in…)

From apps and drinks to football flair that even the most fair-weather fans can enjoy, we have a playbook full of tips and tricks to score a touchdown right from your living room. If you love the sight of a perfect party spread as much as an interception, then take a look at our winning strategy for an all-star game night… hut, hut, hike! 

Two-Point Conversion Eats

Our love for Texans football is almost as big as our appetites on game day. Of course, no party would be complete without savory apps to dive into while celebrating a lead at halftime (or to “stress-eat” in other moments…) If you’re looking to try fun, new recipes, these snackable eats are always a big hit with visitors.

Game Day Classics:

Healthy Twist:

Houston-Themed Eats:

Hail Mary Drinks

Once the Bulls on Parade start working their magic, raise your glass and cheers to another great week of Texans football. Whether you opt for drinks with a little kick or beverages without alcohol, these easy recipes ensure that your guests have something refreshing to wash down the apps.

Boozy Beverages:

Non-Alcoholic Sips:

Endzone Decor

Okay, let’s face it… there’s nothing more fun than decorating your Loftech home for a party, especially when it involves football. From team-themed flair to DIY decor and dishware, there are many ways to elevate your home’s atmosphere to match the intensity of NRG stadium.

General Gear:

Texans-Themed Decor:

From all of us at Loftech Homes, happy football season and go Texans!